_DSC0040.27Bill Worden is an inspiration. He lives to be an example to others. His talks go beyond inspiring. Bill empowers people to live a healthy lifestyle and gives specific things to do so the audience can start their own journey immediately.


Presentation Topics

“Living versus Aging” We are all aging and people are wondering what’s next us as we move into our later years. In this talk, Bill will inspire you with his own personal story of overcoming alcoholism and addiction to prescription medications. At 68 years old, he has become one of the most fit Seniors on the planet. His message will inspire you to take charge of your life and he will tell you the steps he took to lose 50 pounds: get back into the gym and start “eating to live” by adopting a healthy plant based diet. “Sixty is NOT the new forty. Sixty is Sixty but there’s a new way to be Sixty, Seventy, Eighty or even Ninety.” If you want to defy your age this talk is for you.

“What’s Your Purpose” We are living in a fast paced lifestyle in today’s world and people are asking how can we keep moving forward in our business and our relationships as we age. Bill’s transformation from being overweight and overcoming alcoholism to where he is today is remarkable. He shares his story about what it took to lose 50 pounds and start exercising again and change his eating to a plant based-diet and how it helped him rise to the top of his profession and earn the respect of his clients and his peers. “People can be really good in business and even one of the best but to be the THE BEST in your profession you have to be at the top of your game physically and mentally. You have to be in prime condition to have that edge over your peers and your competition.” Bill’s talk will resonate with the audience where you will be inspired to do whatever is necessary to rise to the top and stay there. “Don’t settle for being very good be THE BEST. So what’s your purpose?”

I recently attended an educational seminar at The Mirabella Retirement Facility and the speaker was Bill Worden.  The topic of Bill’s lecture was fitness, nutrition and the aging population, particularly, Baby Boomers.  I found Bill to be engaging, knowledgeable and very likable. Bill shared with us some of the challenges he has faced in his past and the events that led to a turning point in his life.

I was touched by how open and honest he was. I was inspired by his story and the changes he made to purposefully turn his life around and become a healthier and happier person today. Bill looks much younger than his years and I can only conclude that there must be something to what he has to say. I was entertained and inspired by Bill’s life, hard work and determination. I hope to attend another one of his inspirational seminars soon.



Peggy Vosgien


Thank you for a lovely presentation! You have again inspired and touched our residents with your message and personal story.

I contribute to you, too, our awesome attendance at our Green Smoothie Adventure – smoothie tasting. Looks like people are opening up to living healthy!

Lucie Flood

Wellness Director, The Stafford - Avamere Health Services